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Call of Duty Warzone: Enjoy the Thermal Scope

The thermal scope is useful while aiming down the sight, for short-range or long-range sniping. It also helps you detect the opponents, especially those that use camouflage. Having the thermal scope on your weapon, it will allow you to spot everything in black and white vision. The thermal scope can brighten up the opponents, too, so that you can see them easier. If you’ve been looking for some ways to get the thermal scope on your weapon, but you couldn’t fight anything, there might be some ways.

How to Get Your Thermal Scope

The thermal scope is a fantastic attachment in Call of Duty Warzone. Whether you want to use it for short-range or long-range, the scope allows you to be the best. But, as helpful as it might be, the thermal scope can be useless if you use it against opponents with the Ghost perk.

First, find some weapons wth the scope already attached lying on the ground or in loot crates. But, if you want to get the scope for your favorite loadout, then there’s a little bit challenging to do that. You can attach the scope to the weapon in your loadout only with an upgrading process. And you also need to level up your weapon. For Snippers, on the other hand, they must be around level 20 to unlock thermal scope.

Attach the Thermal Scope

To verify if the weapon in your loadout can receive a thermal scope, or to see if you’ve unlocked the scope, follow these steps:

  • Open COD and go the the loadout section;
  • Select any weapon you want/need and access its editing panel;
  • Add/Change attachments of the weapon and access that panel by pressing R on PC, Square on PS4/Xbox One;
  • Go to the Optic section of your weapon;
  • You will view all the scopes that can be attached to your favorite weapons;

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