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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare New PC Update offers uninstall options

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has received a new update today for the PC platform. PC players will be able to uninstall different game modes in order to free up some storage space, which is quite helpful. This way, your hard drive or SSD card should run more smoothly.

The new game options were announced on Twitter by Paul Haile, Infinity Ward’s production director. The news came out last night.

PS4, as well as Xbox One owners, have received this feature back in June 2020. However, it is now available on the PC platform. Taking into consideration Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game size, this option comes in handy. The game can no longer fit into a 250GB SSD.

Ever since the game went live, its size was considerably big. In order for the game to run properly, you need a higher end graphic card as well as some good PC assets. On top of that, Infinity Ward and Activision have added a standalone extension to the game, which occupies a lot of space. We are talking about the co-op and multiplayer in the Warzone battle royale mode.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most massive games in the world. However, this is starting to be a more common thing. Therefore, we expect to see more games of this caliber in the future, especially on the console platform. The good news is that both Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles have ultra-fast SSDs built-in. Not to say, the next-gen games will run only on SSDs.

Even with all the new console tech and higher compression levels, the upcoming games will have a big size. Therefore, it’s good that PC players have the option to delete some parts of the game. I’m sure many will want to run through the campaign a few times before switching to multiplayer modes. However, they will still want to switch at some point.


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