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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mission Suggests To The Return Of Classic Map

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Classic map could be your next bonus if you find out something in the game’s Spec Ops missions. The news is coming from other players that, during the gameplay of the Spec Ops missions, a house was the next thing to find, which could mean a reference to the map Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. We don’t have official confirmation for the addition of the map, but if the discoveries are real, everybody is hoping that this will happen.

The discovery and exciting news came from a Redditor called iMarty5291, which shared a video with the community. He was playing the Harbinger Spec Ops mission, and during that mission, he found a suspicious house. The house is quite similar to the Grandma’s House from the Overgrown map. Moreover, the similarities do not end here.

The return of the Classic map might happen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The respective player went inside the house and saw that the interior was the same as the one from Call of Duty 4. The Redditor filmed and posted everything online for everybody to see his discovery and to comment on the fact. Besides this, the player is saying that the location of the home is in the Spec Ops Mission Harbinger, near the safehouse. That is the point where your mission ends, and you and your team will have the extraction point. Of course, the discovery is thrilling, but can we bet that this means that the Overgrown map will come to the game?

Finally, we have two choices for this map. The first one could be a tease for what is coming next, and the second one could only be a way of showing the player one of the favorite maps. The leaks about the routes that could reach in Call of Duty are and were many, but not all of them were true. We have to wait and see until official confirmation.


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