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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is Ready for its First Season

Fans of the renown first-person shooter game, Call of Duty, can finally sink into the news of what Season One in Modern Warfare will come with. As the game is now officially in the post-loot box period, ​both Activision and Infinity Ward have unveiled the components of the first season Modern Warfare will get.

The game moved into a Battle Pass system, very much alike Fortnite and more other popular shooter titles, with the developers calling it ‘the biggest free content drop in Call of Duty history.’

Players who subscribed and have access to the premium version of the game will soon know what the 100 tiers of Battle Pass rewards are. The news will break out next week, on December 3rd, when the new season starts. On the other hand, everything that is announced right now by the developers is available for free, even though a number of additions will have to be earned by playing the game.

New Maps Included in Season One

The developers already announced the new maps that are coming to the game. They include a few favorites from Call of Duty​ 4: Modern Warfare, such as Crash, Vacant, and Shipment. The title is also growing, with three new gameplay modes arriving. These include a 2v2 gunfight, where players have to collect weapons and resources as soon as the match starts, a single-life ‘Reinforce’ mode in which two teams are competing to manage three flags and a brand new Infected survival game mode.

In addition, there are a few new weapons arriving, as well as some new Special Ops co-op projects. A part of the awaited content may be made available later in the season, but all the content that is delivered now is going to be accessible from all platforms at the same time.

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