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Call Of Duty Mobile vs. PUBG Mobile: The Battle For Supremacy

The arrival of Call Of Duty Mobile on October 1st for phones running Android and iOS gives us a new opportunity to get a taste of the legendary Call Of Duty series at its best. Activision did a fantastic job with the new version for mobile devices, and this has been foreseen since previous footage of the game was released. The graphics, the shooting, the dialogues, and the story all look amazing.

But the developers of Call Of Duty Mobile want their game to shine at another chapter: popularity. Until now, things are going according to the plan since countless users have downloaded the game.

Over 100 million downloads

A report tells us that COD Mobile had the most significant launch that an Android game ever had, and no game for iOS can surpass it, also. Only a bit after a week had passed since the release, and Activision’s creation has already been downloaded over 100 million times. PUBG Mobile got nowhere near such a score during the first weeks after the release.

$17.7 million in the first week

COD Mobile is dominating the financial stats, as well. Sensor Tower tells us the following:

“During its first week, Call of Duty Mobile brought in $17.7 million in player spending, putting its average gross revenue per download at around $0.17,” Sensor Tower confirms.

“The Apple App Store accounted for $9.1 million in revenue, or 53 percent, while Android users spent $8.3 million, or 47 percent.

“The U.S. was by far the title’s biggest revenue generator, with players in the country spending $7.6 million, or 43.1 percent of its overall gross.

“Japan was the second highest-grossing country with $2.4 million, or 13.7 percent, while Brazil came in third with $848,000, or 4.8 percent.

“Call of Duty Mobile also outshone rivals Fortnite and PUBG Mobile for first-week gross revenue. During its first seven days in beta, Epic Games’ battle royale hit generated around $2.3 million from the App Store.

“PUBG Mobile did not start monetizing until two months after launch, at which point it generated just under $600,000 in the first week of adding spending options.”

Therefore, Call Of Duty Mobile is way ahead of PUBG Mobile at several chapters, and this shouldn’t be a surprise for us. Call Of Duty is a legendary series that is 16 years old, while PUBG was created a lot more recent: the first release occurred in March 2017.


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