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Call of Duty: Mobile Voting Poll Winners

Call of Duty: Mobile is getting a voting poll similar to Niantic. The game developers are learning a thing or two from Pokemon Go devs. As some of you may already know, Niantic introduced their own Community Voting poll.

We are happy to see Activision getting along with the active player base. Especially on forum websites, such as Reddit. Without further ado, let’s get into what you really want to know. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Map and playlist voting

Season 11 is fast approaching, and it will arrive on the anniversary of Call of Duty: Mobile. As you may already be aware, Activision launched a voting poll on the Reddit forum. Over the weekend, fans were able to vote for either of the Multiplayer maps and game modes. However, the voting process ended on September 27, 2020.

Looking back at the results, we see Nuketown got the highest votes, 2,800 in total. On the other hand, Shipment earned 2,400 votes. Let’s remember some details about the Nuketown map. It is the map where a bus and a big truck are placed in the middle, making it perfect for either 2v2 or 1v1.

Going to the second segment of the voting process, we have the game modes. The winner is the new 10v10 Domination mode, gathering 2,200 votes in total. On the other hand, the Attack of the Undead got fewer votes, 1,800 in total. Although the former is an interesting playlist, it did not win. However, Call of Duty 2020 will more than likely introduce a similar Zombie mode.

Although we have these statistics, Activision did not confirm their picks yet. What we do know is that the game devs will choose the “top mode and top maps (or several from the top of each)…next month.” Therefore, we need to wait for a little until the team announces the winner/winners officially.  

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