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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 is Available With New Map and More

Call of Duty Mobile has released the fourth season, which has been dubbed ‘Disavowed.’ The brand new season is now available for players via the latest update for both Android and iOS devices.

The new update comes with a series of all-new features, such as a new Battle Pass, new maps, and more. Call of Duty Mobile developers have launched a new and already admired multiplayer map for the game, called ‘Cage.’

Here are the new features that Call of Duty Mobile season 4 packs, to the delight of all the players.

Call of Duty Mobile: Season 4’s New Features

As per the announcement, the new update brings a new HIVE Operator Skin to the gameplay, which enables players to deploy proximity mines created to explode when opponents are close to them. The items generate a handful of nano drones set to attack the enemy. The HIVE skill is similar to other operator skills and will be available for a limited period.

As we already mentioned, Cage is the new multiplayer map that is meant for close combats.

The addition will enhance the pace of the battleground: “A small map with an emphasis on close-quarters combat, Cage heightens the tension in fast-paced battles that encourage frequent engagements. Cage supports Team Deathmatch, Snipers Only, Gun Game, and Free-for-All.”

Now, as Disavowed is live, developers have also upgraded the Credit Store in St. Patrick’s Day-inspired AK117 and MSMC. Those credits can be collected through Battle Pass.

Call of Duty Mobile: Disavowed Premium Pass costs 520 COD points. This pass comes with numerous exclusive features, and it includes elite tasks that enable players to unlock new items and characters.

Moreover, the Premium Pass also packs exclusive weapons, such as RUS-79U Viking, Knife Rainbow Cambo, and so on. The regular Battle Pass in Call of Duty Mobile is free.


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