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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Got Updated According to Latest Leaks

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 update will be soon live, and players are excited to find all features and changes. Currently, the game is one of the most praised battle royale games on the mobile platform. Even if it was launched only a few months ago, it could be compared to another hit, the PUBG mobile, which was released back in 2018. But as the fans’ excitement couldn’t be controlled, some leaks might calm their nerves.

Call of Duty: Mobile Update Leaked

Leaks for the Season 4 are lots, so we’re getting a sneak peek of some of the best updates the game will introduce. Data mining techniques, for example, have shown to find out the mysteries sneaking in the game data efficiently. Most of the time, placeholders for next upgrades are present in the game, but not every player can see them. However, searching through the game files can sometimes unveil that information.

Such an approach has appropriately functioned for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare upgrades. Without any other introduction, let’s see what has COD devs in store for us this time.

The leaks indicate that the upgrade would be introducing not only upcoming operators but some of the well-known Call of Duty characters to the game, too. For example, one of the characters that we’ll see in COD is John “Soap” MacTavish. He could be unlocked only via the Battle Pass for season 4.

New Female Character in Call of Duty: Mobile

Also, a new female character and Sentinel from the Sentinel Task Force, known as an international alliance of Special Forces, will be introduced after the upgrade. The maps, on the other hand, COD Mobile, will receive a novel map, which could be the “Cage” one, long-waited in the Season 3.  The upcoming season should arrive on March 1 and bring some new skins and weapons to the game!


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