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Call of Duty Mobile: New Issues Appear After Installing the Update

Call of Duty Mobile was released today, and there are some bugs and problems which are already making their appearance. The most known issue is that some players get stuck on a loading screen when they try to download an update, and it fails to do so.  And if you cannot get past the loading screen (let alone download the update), then things might not be very happy for you, since you wanted to play the game so badly. The gaming company takes into account the problem this morning, and they have posted an update.

However, the update suggests that they are only working on seeing what’s the reason behind the problem, but the game deals with a lot of traffic at the moment. The team is working on the issue, but who knows how long it will actually take.

Call of Duty Mobile is not really an authentic Call of Duty game; it’s more a free-to-play iOS game that allows users to enter multiplayer matches – like in Battle Royale. However, we are inclined to believe that Activision would’ve found the problem during the testing period since the game has been in beta since July.

The fact that is having issues and that the game has two separate in-game currencies is not good news for this game.

The soon-to-hit-the-market Modern Warfare game is under the radar, too, since it locked some of its weapons in loot boxes. Besides that, they also make a portion of the Special Ops mode timed for PlayStation 4.

Let’s hope that the gaming studio will fix the bugs soon. If you cannot start playing Call of Duty Mobile in a few days, at least you wait for Modern Warfare, which will be released on the 25th of October for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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