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Call of Duty: Mobile Can Be Played On PC With A Console Controller

Call of Duty: Mobile was released earlier this month for mobile devices, but it is also available to play on PC, using a particular emulator. The official Android emulator that allows players to run Call of Duty: Mobile on PC is GameLoop.

It now seems to the last platform that brags Call of Duty: Mobile controller support. Initially, the game launched with official support for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One removed. Activision, the title’s publisher, announced that the support had been removed as an option. However, it did not provide any more details.

Fortunately, since this was announced, it has become clear that official console support is being tweaked and will probably return sometime in the future. But for those who don’t want to wait, there is a method to use in order to play the game using PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers for Call of Duty: Mobile, but on PC.

How To Play Call of Duty: Mobile On PC Using Controllers

Players will first have to download the GameLoop emulator on their computer and then add the game to the library.

Playing Call of Duty: Mobile on GameLoop enables you to push through the restrictions of smartphones with a bigger screen to have a more full field of view, mouse, and keyboard to help you with accurate aiming and shooting. What is more important is the fact that crucial exclusive mapping and comprehensive adaptation will offer gamers the most amazing and wonderful experience of Call of Duty: Mobile.

This is mainly due to using a console controller while playing the game on a computer. Linking your chosen controller to the PC is the first part of the somewhat tricky process, and it is probably more easier to do it with a PlayStation 4 Dualshock.

Players will then have to turn on the controller option, which can be found on the right-handed side of the GameLoop screen. This feature can be accessed by selecting the Keyboard icon, followed by the gamepad option in the next menu.

Gamers will then have to manually map every input to the correct button on the controller, which is not that simple. You will have to position them on display, click on each button, and use the chosen button for the input.

However, if you’d rather avoid this hustle, another option is using a keyboard and mouse. This will be a way more precise setting than what is provided at the moment on Android and iOS.

Players who’d use a controller can have an advantage over others, and this might be the reason why the option was removed by the developer. However, when it will be available again, there is a good chance that Tencent and Activision will somehow adjust the matchmaking option.

In regards to the full console support, it seems rather improbable that players will ever have Call of Duty: Mobile​ accessible on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A few other mobile games have been made available on Nintendo Switch, but an announcement including Call of Duty: Mobile​ is highly unlikely to be given soon.


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