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Call of Duty: Mobile — Best 5 Weapons

Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) has been becoming more popular after its launch in 2019. The game has consolidated itself as one of the leading titles in the Battle Royale genre, and it will soon look to challenge head titles such as PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire.

CODM​ features the right amount of guns so that players can choose weapons based on their playstyle and aptitude. However, not all the guns are worth using, and some are very overpowered. Here are the best picks to use in Call of Duty: Mobile for exceptional gameplay.

Best 5 Weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile

DL Q33

DLQ33​ is among the most powerful weapons in CODM. The gun can eliminate any opponent with a single bullet. It comes with an annexed ​scope that offers an additional advantage to enhance the accuracy of the player. A truly deadly sniper rifle, DLQ33​ is a handy weapon for numerous CODM pros.


AK117​ is one of the most flexible weapons the game offers. The primary advantage of using this weapon is that it can support all kinds of attachments. Mixing this weapon with the extended mag, a stock, and a red dot sight transforms it on a real brute in battles.


S36 has an amazing firing rate, which makes it a top-level gun and gives it a unique attire. The gun is invincible when it comes to close range combats and battles. Also, it has minimal recoil, which is great for beginners. S36 also works perfectly without any attachments.


​SMRS​ is a rocket launched that has the power to kill everyone on the map with a single fire. The weapon packs 80 range value, which makes it one of the most impressive and lethal weapons for long-range battles. Even so, SMRS​ is rather difficult to handle, and players have to be really careful when handling it.

Arctic 50

Arctic 50 is an ideal substitute for DLQ33 in the game. When annexing the tactical scope and extended mag to it, the gun transforms in the perfect weapon for close and mid-range combats. It functions in a similar way to DLQ33 and can eliminate the target with one fire.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences. Each weapon can turn into a beast in the combat if handled properly. Call of Duty: Mobile allows a lot of freedom, so train hard playing the game, and each gun would seem proper.


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