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Call of Duty: Mobile​ 1.0.11 Update Comes With Numerous Additions

The latest update released for Call of Duty: Mobile comes with a handful of new additions and limited-time game modes. Besides the features and changes added to the mobile version of the game, the whole Call of Duty series has received a bunch of other additions.

Activision has updated the game at a regular pace ever since it launched for Android and iOS. It is its fourth season now with the fifth expected at the beginning of April. Today, the title received a big software release on both mobile platforms, Call of Duty: Mobile​ 1.0.11 update that comes with support for the next season brings new maps, both multiplayer and limited-time, new game modes, brand new Battle Pass content, and weapon balance changes. It also optimizes the board, comes with an all-new battle royale mode, and some other additions.

The update has a size of 2.1GB on iOS, and a new trailer for the brand new map, that you can watch below.

Although this week has the popular Call of Duty: Mobile​ getting some new content, the title will also lose something in turn. On Wednesday, March 25th, the developers have removed the game’s Zombie mode, disappointing some fans. Still, as per a Reddit Community Update, the alleged limited-time mode could make an appearance sometime in the future in the game.

This month, Call of Duty: Mobile​ started an all-new season that came with a Battle Pass, a new map, additional Operators and weapons, and so on. A new Battle Pass means brand new tier rewards, which are rather plenty to get.

The new rollout is called ‘Steel Legion’ and also brings new Industrial Revolution-themed rewards for ranked leaderboards, as well as both Premium and free Battle Pass rewards. Call of Duty: Mobile​’s user interface has also been updated, the Battle Royale received some improvements, various bugs were fixed, and some optimizations were carried out.​

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