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Brawl Stars Interface Tips – Quick Beginner Guide

Starting a new game is often challenging, regardless of the game you are playing. Stuff can rapidly spin out of control. However, if you are reading this article, you’re likely looking to start playing Brawl Stars, and we are here to show you a quick guide to get your game set up!

Interface Tips

There are a few elements you should be aware of in the game.

There are three types of game items: gems, star points, and coins, some rarer than the others.

Gems are green, star points, pink and coins, a deeper nuance of yellow.

They are located in the top-right of your home screen in a row.

Free gems are the rarest and help you get top benefits like gold or items from the shop.

Star points are also available in the shop.

However, they are particularly useful to buy new skins for brawlers.

Coins are the most common items. They also help you upgrade Brawlers.

There are also trophies that you are awarded for winning matches.

They are displayed on the top left of the home screen.


The key behind in-game success is good, sharp movements. Right from the start, you should begin moving in a zig-zag pattern.

Newbies often tend to run in straight lines, making it very easy to predict their movement and target them.

The more you change directions, the more confused your opponents will be.

Therefore, never sit in place! Start shooting while also staying on the move!

Positioning is critical. You probably have already observed the walls and bushes in all the game’s maps.

Walls act as covers, and bushes are unique hiding spots. Make sure that you benefit from all the environment has to offer!

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