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Brawl Stars 26.165 Update Comes With New Brawler and Many Other Additions

​Brawl Stars​ is an incredibly popular fast-paced multiplayer battle game that was launched by the developers of famed titles like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach.

Brawl Stars has you battle with friends or individually across a large collection of game modes in under three minutes. You need to unlock and upgrade numerous Brawlers with super abilities, and buy and gather unique skins the game offers.

Brawl Stars’ Game Modes

The title has numerous game modes, all of which are incredibly immersive and fun.

• Gem Grab is a 3v3 mode that has you team up and planning a strategy that enables you to win over the opposing team. In order to win, you can gather and hold ten gems, but you lose them if you get flagged.
• Showdown is a Solo or Duo mode that resembles the battle royale style fight for survival. To win the rounds, collect power-ups for your Brawler and be the last player standing up.
• Bounty is a 3v3 mode that requires you to take out rivals in order to earn stars; however, be careful, so they don’t hem pick you off. The team with the most stars wins the round.
• Heist is also a 3v3 mode. This one asks you to protect your team’s safe and attempt to open your enemies’. In order to win this mode, you have to navigate the map to ‘sneak, blast, and blow your way clear’ to the opponents’ safe.
• Brawl Ball is a 3v3 mode as well, but this one is a lot more different than all the other modes in this game genre. The mode asks you to show off your soccer or football and score two goals before the other team does it in order to win the match.
Brawl Stars​ also offers special events with limited-time PvE and PvP game modes.

Brawl Stars 26.165 Update

The latest release to the game, Brawl Stars 26.165 update, comes with brand new additions and some changes. In terms of gadgets, the update now allows you to gather more than 30 new items, and it brought brand new gadgets and abilities to each Brawler. Other gadgets can also be gotten for Brawlers Power 7+.

The Brawl Stars 26.165 update has also included a new Brawler called Jacky. She is super rare, heavyweight, has a short-range, and her Jackhammer attacks damage enemies close to her.
Other additions include new skins, a new environment, a new underdog system, some map changes, and more.

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