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Brave Browser (Beta) Version 1.14.70 Improves Quality and Ad Tracking

A new web browser usually meant that some enthusiasts wanted to write a better CSS/HTML rendering engine and an improved super-fast JavaScript engine combined with a fresh UI.

Nowadays, the competition between giants like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and others are everyday talk.

Most browsers work on the Chromium engine. Some notable exceptions are Firefox and Safari.

Brave Browser proposes a fresh take on the concept of web browsing.

It is based on Blink, so it’s not particular in any way.

The neat detail about Brave is that it focuses on privacy and safety.

Ad Tracking

Most browsers do a decent job keeping your browsing experience secure.

Still, an area where your privacy has to suffer is advertising.

Effective advertising is targeted.

You won’t want to see ads for winter clothing if you live in a tropical country.

Sending the right ads to the adequate people needs creating virtual profiles about web browsing activities.

That sounds harmless at first, but the techniques used to do that are pretty invasive.

Most of Google’s annual revenue comes from advertising.

Initiatives like the “Do Not Track” and the EU’s GDPR have attempted to limit the power of advertisers, but the concept and implementation were often lackluster.

Here is where Brave Browser comes into play!

Brave Browser puts an end to that by blocking all threats, allowing users to Browser freely.

Brave’s latest update (version 1.14.70) adds an extra layer of reliability to the experience.

According to internal tests, Brave can load most web pages up to six times faster than its competitors on mobile and desktop, due to the fact that it blocks all the extra images, javascript, and tracking algorithms!

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