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Borderlands 3: Update 1.09 Patch Notes – Broken Hearts Day, New Content, and More

Borderlands 3 has been around for quite a while, delighting gamers who had been playing it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, and Mac. With the initial release in September last year, the game was developed by Gearbox and published by 2K Games. However, updates keep coming so that Borderlands 3 will improve, and for Valentine’s Day we have a brand new one.

Therefore, update 1.09 for Borderlands 3  is officially live on PS4, bringing many major changes to the game. It seems like the game reaches its spike with this patch. The update includes Broken Hearts Day Valentine’s event. Now let’s dive into more detail:

New Content

  • Broken Hearts Event: if your girlfriend or boyfriend left you on Valentine’s Day, the new Borderlands 3 update gives you the chance to somehow take revenge. You’ll have to shoot enemies that have hearts over their heads. You’ll receive two level 53 weapons, a wedding invitation, and so on.
  • Cutscenes that can be skipped
  • Level Cap Increase: up to 53 from 50.
  • Event Toggle: Turn events off or on, as you prefer.
  • True Takedown Mode: Maliwan Takedown at a harder level for four players.
  • Guardian Ranks: you can now turn off individual ranks or the whole system.
  • Stadia: the Stadia version of the game is now present.


  • Added many performance optimizations
  • Added many performance optimizations for in-game sounds
  • Fixed a reported performance issue when battling foes at Lumberton Junction in Floodmoor Basin
  • Fixed reported performance issues when users had been scrolling quickly through Guardian Rank Menu icons
  • Fixed reported performance issues for those cases when players were pushed by another players’ vehicle


  • Fixed a progression blocker when entering Lectra City from another map after previously completing the “Collect Batteries” objective of “Kill KillaVolt”
  • Fixed an issue where dialog could be launched if the player loaded into another map. This happened while on the objective “Take alternate path” and during “Footsteps of Giants” on Desolation’s Edge
  • Fixed a progression blocker during the “Loot Vault” objective
  • Fixed a reported issue where somebody with active missions could start a new session with no tracked mission. Also, their previously tracked mission could not anymore be tracked
  • Fixed a progression blocker that sometimes occurred during the “Return toppings to Tina” objective from “Hammerlocked”
  • Fixed a progression blocker that rarely occurred after leaving and returning to the map during “Check dead drop” from “Going Rogue”

Many other improvements had been added to the game through the 1.09 update. Thus, a bigger fanbase of Borderlands 3 is looming.


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