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Blizzard Suffered a Big Loss After a Significant Sponsor Left

Recent news involves one famous video game developer and publisher and some significant changes which made the company suffering a loss. Blizzard Entertainment received the news of losing a big sponsor of its international gaming competitions after some countries’ disputes and governmental issues. This loss came after a long series of boycotts, condemnations from us lawmakers, and many other changes that Blizzard faced so far.

The website, The Daily Beast, reported that Mitsubishi would no longer support Blizzard, and the decision would be permanent. Mitsubishi Motors Taiwan banned earlier this month, Wai Chung, for voicing support for the Hong Kong group of protesters in a televised post-game interview. Reddit users first noticed this change in a recent Asia Pacific Hearthstone tournament. They discussed the complete disappearance of the Mitsubishi logo. Furthermore, the company made public their decision to pull its sponsorship to The Daily Beast.

A Taiwanese-Chinese Situation

The actual governmental disputes between Taiwan and China, made Mitsubishi take a harsh, yet safe decision. Taiwan is known as a matter of controversial discussions between the Chinese government and worldwide businesses. The country also risks failing the chance to do business in the country’s mainland if it would oppose under any circumstance, the government’s belief on Chinese supremacy of Hong Kong and other regions.

Blizzard stated that they had shortened Wai Chung’s ban to six months, but not because of the Chinese government. The company is known to run many online video games in China, Overwatch, and Hearthstone, for example. Moreover, Blizzard explained how Wai Chung’s way of expressing his political opinion on a live televised tournament, resulted in a ban for US college students and Twitch users for keeping their wish to support Hong Kong. BlizzCon, an annual convention by Blizzard, will supposedly bring some discussions about Hong Kong protests.

Interesting fact: Apple had recently hidden the Taiwan flag in its iOS 13’emoji collection for people located in Macau or Hong Kong.


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