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BlackBerry’s 2021 Surprise – An Android Phone With 5G And Physical Keyboard

The once-mighty BlackBerry company has been licensed for another time by a company that aims to use a familiar name to debut the Android smartphone market.

This time, the company in the cause is called OnwardMobility, which promises to introduce a 5G BlackBerry smartphone with Android and a physical QWERT keyboard, BlackBerry’s unofficial trademark in 2021.

Staying True To BlackBerry

Few other details are known about the device, including display size or internal specifications. Still, OnwardMobility officials stated that it would feature an entirely new keyboard design that would “reflect the band values from a keyboard typing experience and input experience.”

It appears that the device is aimed towards enterprise users, and the main focus is the ability to get work done while on the go and extra safety features.

Those details might not be that attractive for regular users, but they make sense for business people.

However, the device apparently won’t be a flagship smartphone, but a rather potent mid-ranger.

Peter Franklin, Onward Mobility CEO, stated:

“Top of mind for us is not just making the most secure and productive device, but also being an everyday device. That means things like a top-notch camera, and the other specs you’d expect from your day-to-day phone. Simultaneously, we know that we must be competitive, and so is our pricing.”

That would be amazing for a potential revival of BlackBerry. The company used to be the leader of the mobile world in the late aughts. Still, after Android and iOS started gaining popularity, the BlackBerry brand became less relevant to most customers. After a series of mediocre devices and poor reviews, it was clear that BlackBerry was heading towards a grim direction.


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