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Blackberry Hub+ Apps Will Get Dark Mode, but It’s Not Good News for Everyone 

We see dark mode everywhere these days. Google and Apple have started to add the dark mode to their devices and apps – some of them are the core apps of the operating systems. We have a dark mode for the Play Store, the Google Assistant, and even Gmail. BlackBerry is now joining the club.

What’s dark mode?

Do you know how apps are usually white with black text? Well, dark mode reverses this color system to a dark blue, gray or black background, with white text. When a person uses the dark mode, be it in a room with light or without light, it keeps him or her protected from eye stains or a melting retina. And let us be honest now. When we are sitting in the bed, with the lights off, it’s just a guilty pleasure to have the phone screen black. Those phones that come with OLED panels, the dark mode uses a black background, which can save the battery life. This happens because the OLED panels make the color black by turning off the pixels. When the pixels are turned off, they do not consume the battery power.

The BlackBerry Hub+ apps are available without a penny for those that have a BlackBerry powered by Android, or those that require a paid subscription for other Android users that follow a free trial period. They are all getting dark mode.

As per some resources, on Android 10, the BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox will have a system-wide setting. This means that, if you have the device on Dark mode, BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox app will also get the dark mode.

Those that have Android 9 will have the dark mode on the app when they enable battery saver.


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