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Black Mirror Is Coming Back with Season 6 on Netflix

If you haven’t seen Black Mirror, you are missing out on the most exciting TV series created by now. Black Mirror is presenting us in every episode a unique theme and unique technologies that you can’t imagine to exist. This TV series will make you think and wonder about your current life and what will be next in our future. The main idea of the series is to show how we are so dependent on technology. We forget to live our lives without it, and how we are losing ourselves.

Black Mirror Season 6

The creator of the Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, is the one that gives us hints about the next season. We don’t know if Netflix will want to continue the TV series, but we will have a new season. Brooker and his co-producer Annabel Jones are stating firmly that they will continue the series, and another season will appear. Of course, thinking of the success that Black Mirror had, there is no way that Netflix would not want to continue it.

Moreover, looking at the model in which Netflix is releasing the seasons, we see that we have one season per year. So we think that Black Mirror season six will come next year for sure. Of course, we don’t know the exact month, until the official statement.

Besides this, as we know by now, one season has between three and six-episode and different actors. Every episode is different from each other, and the cast members were not the same in each chapter. Also, we saw that the last season had brought some big stars in some episodes, such as Miley Cyprus, Andrew Scott, or Anthony Mackie.

Finally, the anticipation is growing when we think about Season six. As we saw by now, Black Mirror is so popular because of the storyline, and the technology that proves is hazardous for us. Also, some rumors are saying that in season six, we will finally see that all the episodes are connected.


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