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BioWare could release more information about Dragon Age 4 in December

BioWare has released a new teaser related to Dragon Age 4, and it is thought that an announcement will arrive on December 4.

The anticipated title was teased in 2018 during The Game Awards, but BioWare has been quite keen on keeping details a secret. It is likely that the studio wanted to work more on the title before the hype train was unleashed to prevent the appearance of potential issues.

It is no secret that BioWare has faced some stormy waters in recent years after the release of two high-profile video games failed to impress the critics and the audience. Many gamers remember the animation fiasco, which surrounded Mass Effect: Andromeda. Some facial animations were so poor that the game became a source for memes and fiery ironies sent towards BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts.

The launch of Anthem was also meant with negative reception as the game didn’t manage to rise to the expectations of many players. Countless bugs, a lack of content, and repetitive missions led to mediocre reviews and heated discussions among the fan base as the few positive qualities could not redeem gaping flaws.

Ten years have passed since Dragon Age: Origins, the first entry in the series, was released. Dragon Age is one of the most interesting IPs developed by the studio, and the fascinating lore and solid world-building made the in-game universe truly magnificent.

BioWare teased an announcement in a post shared on a popular social media platform. The post mentions that the studio is excited to celebrate the Dragon Age franchise with the fans and mentions that a community party will take place on December 4, the Dragon Age day. A subtle hint is present in the form of a cleverly misspelled word as age is written as 4ge towards the end of the post.

EA has stated that the game will arrive in 2022 or later, but one can dream.


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