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Best Xbox One Controllers in 2020

The suitable Xbox One gaming controller is made in order to allow players to push multiple buttons at once with a minimum physical movement. There are also some features that it needs to have in order to help the player: ergonomic design, which will make the player comfortable, it also needs some extra buttons for key bindings and cross-platform compatibility. We are here to tell you which kind has them all.

Microsoft Elite Series 2

This one has a sleek design, with black and silver, and replaceable thumbsticks, which allows the player to customize it as it wishes. The battery lasts about 40 hours, which means that players can play some long sessions without being interrupted by a drained battery. It costs about $289, but the build is highly durable.

Razer Wildcat

This one comes with a wire, so it has to limit range and mobility, but it is way faster than the standard wireless models. It might be for the best because you don’t want a model that’s cordless, but that lags a lot. It costs around $115, and it comes with extra bumper buttons, but the inside paddles are too far apart

PowerA Spectra

With this one, you are entering the real deal. It’s the safest choice out there, as well. Not everyone can pay a lot of money for a controller, and for the budget variant, it’s the best you can get out there. It costs about $35. It’s a balance between function and affordability. It has a detachable cable and a switchable led color-scheme.

Thrustmaster TX RW Leather Edition

This one comes with an immersive experience, because of the force feedback, and the strong vibration mechanism which syncs with the action. It has a metal central attachment system that fits good with tables and desks.  Its pads don’t get slippery, and it is quite easy to assemble. It costs about $499.


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