Best WhatsApp Mods In 2019 – YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp

As you already know by now, WhatsApp is a great instant messaging app that offers a lot of features free of any costs. These include voice and video calls, chatting, group chatting, file sharing, and many more goodies.

On the other hand, as surprising as this may seem, these functions are not enough for some of the users.

Well, this is where WhatsApp mods enter the arena.

These apps take the platform of WhatsApp, and what they do is adding features to it. It’s important to know that these features are mostly regarding privacy and customization.

There are a lot of WhatsApp mods out there that are available for Android. It’s pretty challenging to decide which one is the best choice for yourself, but here are the best three options that you currently have, and that have been the most preferred in 2019.

YoWhatsApp aka YOWA

This is a popular WhatsApp mod for Android and it comes with the same features as the original application. Don’t worry because there’s more to it because it brings some innovative features as well. The app comes with an interface that is pretty similar to the one that the WhatsApp iOS version has.

There are also new emojis, customization features, built-in DND functions and boosted privacy options.

WhatsApp Plus

This is probably the most popular among the mods, and it takes all of the original app’s features and adds some new ones in order to make the whole WhatsApp experience even better than before.

The original instance also gets enhanced, and other new features include the following: anti-ban function, privacy options, increased file sharing size, larger groups, hundreds of WhatsApp themes, built-in app lock, and enhanced control over the messages.


Last but not least, this is definitely one of the best modes for Android that you can find out there these days. It packs almost the same features as the two mentioned above.

But, on the other hand, it also brings something new: enhanced privacy, customizable interface, anti-ban, improved file preview, password lock for specific conversations, and many more goodies.

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