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Tackle Breaking Players You Need in Madden 20

In Madden 20 ​and not only, the most basic side of the defense is tackling. On the other hand, playing offensive, irrelevant of how fast or slow, confident, or weak you are, if you have the ability to recess tackles, you are the most important asset to the team.

To not be the one getting their tackles broken, but the one that breaks them, you need a bit of help. Here are the best players on Madden 20, which can run through defenders for your team.

Christian Okoye, Legends (92 OVR)

Position: FB

Break Tackle: 93

Auction House Value: Xbox – 358k/PS4 – 370k/PC – 471k

Christian Okoye is probably the most impressive baller of the last couple of generations. He is known to play with complete disdain for the player in front of him. He is 6’1”, weights 253 lbs​, carries 88 speed, 90 strength, 93 trucking, 92 ball carrier vision, 90 stiff arm, and 92 carrying. The other additions, namely 88 lead block, 84 run blocking, and 92 impact blacking, makes him a real weapon.

Saquon Barkley, MUT Heroes (91 OVR)

Position: RB

Break Tackle: 93

Auction House Value: Xbox – 250k/PS4 – 259k/PC – 230k

Because of his impressive contact balance, strength, and capability to bounce off contact, Barkley had an incredible second year in the NFL. He boasts 89 speed, 93 ability, 89 spin move, and 90 juke move. Moreover, he has 78 strength, 80 trucking, 82 stiff arm and, evidently, 93 break tackle. ​Complete all this with 74 catching, and he is a go-to player.

Dante Hall, Most Feared (93 OVR)

Position: WR

Break Tackle: 93

Auction House Value: Xbox – 1.1m/PS4 – 958k/PC – N/A

Hall has the incredible ability to make people miss around contact. In general, he is not such a pure receiver. He packs 84 catch, 79 catch in traffic, 78 spectacular catch, 82 short route running, 78 medium and 81 deep​. Add this to his 94 return, 92 speed, 93 agility, 94 elusiveness, 94 ball carrier vision, 93 spin move, 94 juke move, and 93 break tackle, and you’ve got a powerful and slippery asset to your team.

Melvin Gordon II, Master (93 OVR)

​Position: RB

Break Tackle: 90

Auction House Value: Xbox – 316k/PS4 – 321k/PC – 299k

Considering this season, this particular card seems to overrate Gordon. However, the last two weeks should clearly set out there how good of a runner he is. Even though he is not a power like Barkley, Gordon is no lazybones. He boasts 89 speed, 89 agility, 78 trucking,

88 elusiveness, 91 ball carrier vision, 90 stiff arm, 83 spin move, 95 juke move, and 90 break tackle.​ Moreover, he also has 92 carrying, ​so it is almost impossible to grope.

Mark Ingram, Series Redux (TOTW) (91 OVR)

Position: RB

Break Tackle: 90

Auction House Value: Xbox – 159k/PS4 – 150k/PC – 190k

Ingram is the last resort here, but even if he doesn’t have some of the showy ratings like the others in the list do, he owns such flexibility as a runner that it makes him an impressive tackle breaker. He has 6 speed, but he completes it with 80 strength, 91 trucking, 85 stiff arm, 80 spin move, 90 juke move, 90 carrying, and 90 break tackle.
There is no running case that he has to sub out, and he is quite an impressive asset considering his price.

Madden 20 can be a mush more fun and exciting game if you consider this listing. Tell us how your gaming experience changed after acquiring one, more, or all the players we described above in the comment section below.


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