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Best Solar Chargers In 2020 – Power, Efficiency and other Features

What are the best solar chargers in 2020 and which one is the best purchase? We chose seven of the latest best solar chargers on the market according to what they feature and we must say that there are a lot of budget models that have ranked very high on this list.

Before we head over to see the best solar chargers available in 2020, let’s see what feature we must take into consideration.

Essential Features When Choosing the Best Solar Charger

Weight and Size

Whether you choose a solar charger for a smartphone or for other gadgets, you should choose it according to your outdoor activities. Its size or weight will not be essential if you’re going camping since you can place it inside the RV or the tent, but if you go hiking, the solar charger has to be lightweight so it can be carried inside a bag. The best solar charger for hiking must also come with a steel loop or steel eye-hole so you can hang it on the exterior side of the bag.

Power, Efficiency and other Features

It’s safe to say that the most essential features are the specs – efficiency and the power output.

As for accessories or other features, you must see what solar chargers come with more than a USB port, or whether they come with a built-in LED light, for instance.

Last but not least, always look for a solar charger that is resistant to the elements, especially waterproof.

You’ll have to choose one from this list according to your needs, be it portability, reliability for long-term trips, multiple device charging speeds, other handy features, price range and so on.

Top 7: Hiluckey S025 – under $50 range

Hiluckey S025 Best Solar Chargers In 2020

+ Pros:  Can charge multiple devices at the same time, cheap, portable

– Cons:  Difficult to completely charge battery when you use the solar panel

  • Charging Speed: 6/10
  • Multiple Device Charging Speed: 7/10
  • Weight & Portability: 6/10

The Hiluckey S025 is a hybrid of the fold-out style panel with a battery pack. This combination will effectively and quickly deliver enough power to charge several devices at the same time. Using only solar power, you’ll have to wait for a while to see the Hiluckey charged. Nonetheless, when it does charge, it will consistently charge the devices with no interruption.

Top 6: BioLite SolarPanel 10+ – under $150 range

+ Pros:  Smart design, durable

– Cons:  Expensive

  • Charging Speed: 8/10
  • Multiple Device Charging Speed: 2/10
  • Weight & Portability: 7/10

We like the design of the BioLite 10+, which includes a kickstand! It charges fast and has a 3,000mAh integrated battery pack that lets you charge a device without interruption in case the weather gets cloudy. The backup battery also regulates the charge sent to devices, which is a unique feature that the other solar chargers in our list do not have. We loved that it’s very portable and perfect for a night out camping or a trip on a weekend.

For its small size, it’s not only effective, but also durable. Of course, all these features come for a little higher price that’s under the $150 range.

Top 5: X-DRAGON 40 – under $120 range

+ Pros:  Powerful, works well in cloudy conditions

– Cons:  Bulky, heavy, difficult to set up

  • Charging Speed: 9/10
  • Multiple Device Charging Speed: 7/10
  • Weight & Portability: 2/10


One of the biggest solar chargers in our list, the X-Dragon 40 can take power a laptop! Use this panel to charge a large battery, like the one of a laptop. One single drawback is that it indeed is very big. Nonetheless, it is able to charge multiple devices at the same time. If you don’t mind its size, then this is the best solar charger in 2020 that can charge a larger battery.

Top 4: PowerGreen 21W – $50 range

+ Pros:  Large storage pocket, durable

– Cons:  Heavy, bulky

  • Charging Speed: 7/10
  • Multiple Device Charging Speed: 6/10
  • Weight & Portability: 7/10

With a user-friendly design, the PowerGreen might be a bit on the heavy side when it comes to portability. Nonetheless, it comes with a storage pocket, and it’s better to buy if you’re camping and you want to keep your mobile alive, for instance.

Aside from being chunky, another downside is that it cannot effectively charge two batteries at the same time, although it boasts 21W. Nonetheless, for a $50 solar charger, this device is a bargain!

Top 3: Renogy 15,000mAh – under $40 range

+ Pros:  Cheap, lightweight, efficient at charging devices

– Cons:  Not too effective while using solar energy for power compared to other battery packs

  • Charging Speed: 7/10
  • Multiple Device Charging Speed: 7/10
  • Weight & Portability: 9/10

The Renogy 15,000mAh is a favorite among travelers since it’s compact, easy to carry and store, has a simple design and most importantly, it’s very efficient. Renogy will charge anything faster when you keep it in the sun, and it will need some time for itself to charge. However, you can keep its small panel up in a window to charge when you don’t need it.

The Renogy is great to have around when you can’t find a converter for a power outlet or you cannot find a power outlet when you travel.

Top 2: ECEEN 13W – under $40 range

+ Pros:  Cheap, lightweight, fast charging

– Cons:  Low output power, only charges a device at once

  • Charging Speed: 8/10
  • Multiple Device Charging Speed: 4/10
  • Weight & Portability: 9/10

One of the best solar chargers and among the cheapest ones on the market, the ECEEN 13W is extremely portable, it charges very fast and it has an impressive performance!

It’s best to charge simple and small devices with the ECEEN. Its device is straightforward – it lets you store cords or extra batteries in a mesh pocket, it has a Velcro closure and it folds into two panels.

We recommend you charge one external battery at a time, when the sun is visible. With this incredible price tag and its reliability and simple to use solar charger, the ECEEN is the best lightweight solar charger in our list.

Top 1: BigBlue 28W – under $90 range

+ Pros:  Cheap, efficient, great during partly cloudy conditions

– Cons Bulky, heavy

  • Charging Speed: 9/10
  • Multiple Device Charging Speed: 9/10
  • Weight & Portability: 5/10

The BigBlue 28 is the best solar charger in our list, but with the only downside being its bigger size. Nonetheless, it’s excellent in terms of efficiency and reliability. It even has an auto-restart function, an ammeter, and compared to other solar chargers of this size, it’s the cheapest one in our list.

This panel is effective, durable and reliable, even when the sun is hot.

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to decide on the perfect solar charger, but we made it easier for you to figure out what are the most essential features and what you get for the several price ranges.

If you’re looking to power a mobile office, then you need a charger that can deliver enough power to large batteries. Are you looking to keep you phone charged during a weekend trip? Then you need a smaller and less powerful solar charger that also comes with a smaller price tag! It all goes down to how much money you want to pay to get the most out of performance and portability. This list contains the top competitors in the market, which means these solar chargers are great products. You’ll only need to choose one according to your needs.


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