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Best Reasons to Get A VPN Cellular Router

VPNs used to be known as pieces of software that can change the location of your system at will. However, they evolved and are much more than that nowadays. Many companies developed industrial and commercial routers with embedded VPNs, straight out of the box.

One such router is the Robustel R2000, which features 4G and dual SIM support from the factory.

here are some reasons why you should purchase a VPN cellular router:


A standard industrial or commercial router might allow you to connect all of your devices in a network. Still, your privacy and data might be at risk, which means that a hacker can quickly get into your connection to access any or all the devices within your network.

A VPN cellular router is a perfect solution to that. VPNs have access to a multitude of different servers that allow your data to pass through before arriving at the designated server, making it impossible for a hacker to personally identify you as your data gets lost through its way to the target server.

Also, data encryption is a big plus.


When you are working in remote industrial locations, installing a hard line for establishing connectivity becomes a difficult job.

A cellular router can be easily carried around an installed in the region of the best connectivity to broadcast the service to the affiliated units.

Bypassing Censor

If you work in regions where the internet connection is censored, or some content is region-locked, frustration quickly kicks in.

Connecting to a VPN router and changing the location gets rid of that problem fast and efficiently.

Connected devices

Cellular routers are developed with the Internet of Things concept in mind, and it makes communication between all your devices easy, especially because most IoT units can’t handle a SIM card anyways.

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