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Best Priced Copies of Pokemon Sword and Shield and Where to Find Them

​The launch date for Pokemon Sword and Shield (November 15th) for Nintendo Switch is finally here. Switch users and fans of the incredibly popular VR-based franchise can now access the titles as they are available to play since midnight.

This is, in particular, great for pre-order customers. Fans can even purchase a physical copy of the title, but only from certain stores.

Stores Opened at Midnight

GAME announced that it would open over 50 stores located in the U.K. to celebrate the Pokemon Sword and Shield midnight release. Stores based in London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham will all be open at midnight.

“For midnight launches, stores generally open their doors around 11.45 pm and will usually close around an hour later,” said a GAME statement. “Depending on demand, your local manager may choose to close earlier or stay open longer.”

If you have pre-ordered the game from the Nintendo eShop, you can already pre-load the title. Pokemon Sword and Shield​ need at least 9.5GB of storage space, so before getting it, you might want to free up some space to make room for it.

Great Priced Copies of Pokemon Sword and Shield​

If you haven’t purchased a version of Pokemon Sword and Shield​ at launch, we listed a few places that offer the game at a great price. Please note that prices are correct as we write this post, but the retailers could decide to change them.

Here are the best-priced Pokemon Sword and Shield​ you can find on these retailer’ websites.

  • Amazon

Pokemon Sword – £44.85

Pokemon Shield – £44.85

  • Argos

Pokemon Sword – £44.99

Pokemon Shield – £44.99

  • CDKEYS (Digital Code)

Pokemon Sword – £39.99

Pokemon Shield – £39.99

  • TheGameCollection

Pokemon Sword – £42.95

Pokemon Shield – £42.95

Dual Edition (Includes Both Games) – £89.95

  • GAME

Pokemon Sword – £49.99

Pokemon Shield – £49.99

  • ShopTo

Pokemon Sword – £42.85

Pokemon Shield – £42.85

Dual Edition (Includes Both Games) – £99.85

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