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Best Online Shopping Sites and Apps – The Best Wish Alternatives

Online shopping is so easy when you use apps or websites like Wish. With low prices, this store offers a wide variety of products from merchants all over the world. Most of the products come from China and it’s obvious the majority of the items in the shop are no-name-brands.

Remember that the websites/apps on our list offer low prices at the expense of long waits. Most products on the following websites are pretty cheap, but depending on the merchant, they also differ in quality.

So, what are the alternatives to Wish? Are there other great deals on other websites or apps? Let’s take a look at our list, in which we have included the best online shopping apps and sites.

AliExpress – The Largest Worldwide Ecommerce Website

In Asia, everyone knows about this eCommerce site, but western shoppers have begun using it very often, and the deals on this site are amazing.

The Chinese conglomerate Alibaba owns this website, where Chinese merchants sell their products. This is why buying an item from the US will mean a long shipping time – up to 29 days if you want the item to come with free shipping. If waiting is not a problem, you’ll get better deals than what you see on Amazon and eBay.

eBay – The Most Popular Online Store

Let’s face it, this store has to be on our list. Maybe eBay needs a more user-friendly interface, but we can all agree that it’s the first and best online store in the world. It has a wide range of offers, at free or low-cost shipping. You can even bid on objects or choose the “Buy It Now” option.

eBay also lets you buy used items, and the eBay Bucks award program offers its customers the ability to save money on their future purchases.

Amazon – Dominates the Other e-commerce Platforms

We cannot ignore Amazon since it’s number one when it comes to ruling over the other e-commerce platforms. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll be able to get a free 2-day shipping for the same products you find on Wish.

Amazon offers promotions just like Wish, and if you have Amazon gift cards, then what are you waiting for? Use Honey to pay the lowest price on Amazon on whatever product you want to order!


If you like to browse online stores for gadgets, then the best store is GearBest. It’s filled with popular products for home or your office, at extremely low prices!

The affordable gear includes products like electronics, PCs, phones, fun accessories, and other tech items. You can pay with PayPal or a credit card. The Chinese site has only one downside – long shipping times.


The Joom app is the closest thing you get to the Wish app, as it offers most of the same features and deals. From clothes and accessories to household items and gadgets, Joom lets you choose whatever item you want to buy. Again, the delivery times are between one and two months, but the shipping is free.

If you buy something and it’s either defective or broken, Joom offers a full refund. It also applies to items that haven’t arrived within 75 days.

Light in the Box

Another e-commerce site from China is Light in the Box, which offers low prices for gadgets, household items, clothes, and many accessories. The store doesn’t have a very big variety of items compared to other Chinese e-commerce sites, but it offers low prices and many shipping options.

You can pay with PayPal and you can spend a little extra on shipping to get whatever items you want within a week!


The Zulily app can be found in the App Store and Play Store. There, you’ll see daily specials, and discounts up to 70% in the apps! Zulily also has deals on their website.

On this online store, you’ll be able to browse clothing for women, children, maternity clothing and home goods. You’ll also find a lot of brands on the store, such as Ray-Ban, or Nine West, among others.

If you’re looking for some budget-friendly items, check the “Steals Worth Seeing” category where you can find items at and under $20, at up to 85% off!

Dollar Tree

We can all agree that buying things for $1 each is awesome, and Dollar Tree doesn’t just have retail stores in the US, they also have a website with plenty of great offers. The items you purchase online are delivered to your door, but you can also head over to an actual store and check out the shelves.


DHGate is an online website that lets suppliers and retailers all over the world directly sell to customers. The Chinese manufacturers and suppliers offer all kinds of products, such as toys, clothing, electronic goods, and so much more. Think of DHGate as the modern-day Silk Road!


The UK-based website caters to young adults and teenagers. It’s an online store that features fashion, beauty, and cosmetic products. ASOS has a friendly interface, which is also a plus, as it draws your attention to the products.

The prices are a bit on the higher side compared to what you see on cheap online stores, but their quality is much better.


Last but not least, with Groupon, you can get great deals from a retailer of your choice or from a certain service provider. Businesses can offer coupon specials through the Groupon site and customers can redeem these codes for a great discount.

One of the benefits this website has is that business owners can get more exposure and publicity through their offers.

Why Online Stores Are a Great Medium to Do Your Shopping?

While Wish is very popular thanks to the bargains it offers, there are many other popular websites and apps that come with the same discounts and offers.

Do not forget to look at each app/website’s shipping policies, as well as the reviews for the items you want to purchase. The reviews from other customers are a great way to check the quality of a product sold by a seller.

Another essential tip is to always read the description of the product – such as dimensions, material, and other features, so you don’t end up buying a set of pots for a dollhouse instead of a set of regular-sized pots for your kitchen.

Enjoy your shopping spree!


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