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Best OnePlus 7 Pro Features and Adjustments You Can Make Right Now

OnePlus 7 Pro is a hell of a smartphone when it comes to performance, display, and features. The phone is functioning just great the way it is, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need optimization from time to time. OnePlus 7 Pro is offering you a good experience, but what do you say if you turn the phone for the best user experience? Let’s see what changes and adjustments you can do to your device!

The first notable change can happen when you record in wide-angle most of your videos. The camera setup includes three lenses for various focal lengths. For filming a video in the wide-angle, you need to use the telephoto camera or the standard one with the phone’s app. Unfortunately, OnePlus 7 Pro doesn’t have a wide-angle camera for the video mode, and you have to debug the model.

Best OnePlus 7 Pro Features and Adjustments You Can Make Right Now

So, for doing that, open the phone’s dialer and enter *#*#1597#*#*#*. After that, go to the camera app where you will see a red text, and enter the Video Mode. For activating the wide-angle video mode, flip between the selfie camera and the rear camera until you will see the text – Lens: BACK(Wide) (3).

The second trick you can do for improving your OnePlus 7 Pro device is to extend your battery life. The phone comes with a Fluid AMOLED and a high-resolution display with 90 Hertz. These kinds of settings will drain your battery every day. So, if you want a boost of energy, go to Settings – Display – choose FHD+ from QHD+ and then 60HZ from 90HZ.

Another trick you can add to your phone is about the fingerprint sensor. Many users don’t know about this function on the fingerprint setup, but you can access the most used apps after you unlock your phone. From Settings go to Utilities- Quick launch – Shortcut Settings – Add Shortcuts – then select the shortcuts you need for your fingerprint scanner.

Finally, the last change for your OnePlus 7 Pro is the Wi-Fi calls that you can make. You must find out if your Internet service provider has this feature, and then you can activate it from the phone. From Settings – Wi-Fi and Internet – Sim and Network Settings – choose your SIM – Activate Wi-Fi Calling.


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