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Best Nexus 7 Cases: Available for Cheap Prices

We all want to take care of our gadgets for as long as we can, that’s why we often look for cases for our phones and tablets. We’ve written this article to tell you which are the best cases to try in order to keep your Nexus 7 away from scratches and other accidents.

Google Nexus 7 – Second Generation 2013

This is among the most stylish covers for this kind of tablet. It has the corner badge, which you don’t really find in other cases. The plastic areas are not exposed, and the interior is made out of a microsuede material. These are your choices: red corner and grey exterior, blue corner and grey exterior, red corner and white exterior, or entirely black. It has some cons, though: the jersey actually wears out faster than other materials, and it is not resistant to stain, either.

Google Nexus 7 – First Generation

With this one, the exterior is made of leather, and the interior Is made of polyurethane. It also has magnets that enable the auto sleep and usually wake the features of your tablet. The shell is made out of plastic, which means that the device is secured. The case also can be used as a holder. It has some cons, though: the magnets can actually leave spots on the screen, and they can also drain the battery faster.

Nexus 7 – Fosmon Dura Frost Case

The case is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane, and it protects your device from bumps and scratches. The cut outs are perfect, and you can access easily the ports for external speakers and microphones. Same goes for the external memory slots. There are also raised blocks for the power and the volume buttons. You can also wash it. It has a con, though: it is quite expensive.

Nexus 7 – Second Generation MoKo Case

This cover is made to wake up the device or put it to sleep. It is super slim, and it has a padded front which gives the needed protection for your tablet. The interior is made out of microfiber and it makes sure that the screen does not get scratched. It also has a hand strap, which will make it easier for you to use it with one hand. It is quite durable and it has a lifetime warranty. It has a con, though: its flap is too stiff.

Nexus 7  – Dark Grey Travel Case

This one is a simple case, which has the best port cuts for chargers, external speakers or microphones. The corners, as well as the edges are sealed completely. This means that it won’t come off easily. The raised blocks from the sides will allow you to use the power and the volume buttons without problems. the material is durable. It has some cons, though: it is a bit expensive, and it has no automatic switching on and off when it is opened.

Nexus 7 – Executive Sleeve Case

The exterior of this one is made out of synthetic leather, together with a microfiber material, which is perfect for protecting your device. There’s a padding on the surface that protects the device when it is placed in a bag. Just slide your tablet in and out and that’s it. When you slide it, the microfiber material cleans the screen. It has some cons, though: it won’t last long and you can use it only with a naked iPad.

Nexus 7 – Coral Pink Fitfolio Speck

Here we are talking about a book-like case. It has a hard shell which keeps the tablet in its place. It also prevents the screen from being sratched or getting cracks while it’s kept in the pocket or in a bag. It has a con, though: the screen sometimes turns off when you fold the front of the case backwards.


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