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Best Music Streaming Apps for Android and iOS available to Download

Music streaming apps are some of the most downloaded apps across the world. There are vast numbers of music streaming apps both in iTunes and Google Play Store for streaming internet radios, live videos, DJ events, music streaming from various artists, etc.

Six best music streaming apps for Android and iOS 

Spotify is one of the best-known music streaming app with over 75 million subscribers. Music streamers have access to over 30 million tracks from Spotify’s library. Users can stream multiple tracks to make a customized playlist.

Users can subscribe to Spotify for $10 monthly to entitle them to an extensive library of ads-free songs and also listen offline.

Although users can open a free account with Spotify, they will only be entitled to Shuffle play containing ads.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a music streaming app with a well-designed user interface. Also, Android and iOS users can download this music streaming app.

In addition, Apple Music has about 45 million songs in its catalog and also has customizable playlists, radio shows, and many other features to excite users.

Subscription to Apple Music costs $5 monthly for students, $10 per month for regular subscribers, and $15 monthly for a family subscription.

Users are also entitled to upload 100,000 songs to Apple’s servers.


SoundCloud is a music streaming app that also serves as a community platform for musicians, bands, podcasters, etc.

Users can listen to songs, upload their audio, and also search for new artists on SoundCloud free of cost. However, Soundcloud pro offers paid services for passionate music lovers


Vevo is a music video streaming app that gives users a massive collection of music videos from various genres.

On Vevo, users can create a customized playlist, stream live videos, or watch recommended videos based on favorite genres and artists.


Some of Pandora’s services include radio stations based on users’ favorites and choices. Tracks are suggested based on Pandora’s in-built algorithm to give users a fantastic experience.

Pandora has a free version, but users can subscribe to the paid version to enjoy ads-free services, track selection, offline play, etc.


Deezer has more than 40 million collections in its library for users to create their custom playlist. The app has a music lyric feature to give users a fantastic experience.

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