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Best Instant Messaging Apps In 2020

The novel coronavirus pandemic has restricted us from behind the walls of our homes. However, we can still be in touch with our friends, family, and even coworkers via an internet connection, through instant messaging apps. But which chat apps are the best?

Which offers the best performance to make your experience better? We have gathered the best chat apps in this article, so continue to read below to find out all the information.

The most downloaded app ever since the containment started are Discord, WhatsApp, and Zoom. All three can be found on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Let’s see what tools you can use to work, discuss, and socialize.

Best Instant Messaging Apps In 2020

Google Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet premium version is mostly used for professional meetings; however, the free version of the app is enough for socializing. This chat app is straightforward to use, and it doesn’t require a software installation on the desktop. All you need is a google account to bee able to create a chat room. Your friends or family can then join the chat room via a shared link. If you want to use the app on your mobile phone, then you will need to download it on the Google Play Store.

The chat room is available for 25 people max. However, only ten people will be displayed on the screen. There is no limitation when it comes to the time of the conversation, which means that you can chat for free for as long as you want.

This tool is perfect for professional meetings, as it is a collaborative work tool. If you are looking for a work chat app, this one is for you. You can explore it and link it to other tools to make your life work more straightforward.


The old chat app, Skype, has been around for a while now, and it still works. This video conferencing app can hold 50 people max in one video call, which is a lot. Tere is a web version of the app, which means you won’t need to install it on your desktop.

However, you will need to download the app on your smartphone to use it. This tool allows its users to make audio calls, video calls as well as PC screen sharing. Skype is very similar to Hangouts Meet. You will need a Microsoft account to be able to access the app.

Jitsi Meet

There is one thing that I want to point out about Jitsi Meet. This video-conferencing software does not belong to any of the big corporations, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft. Jitsi Meet app is also free of charge. If you look for a chat app to protect your data, this is the one. Same as the other two above, this app works via a web browser, and it can also be downloaded on your mobile phones/tablets.

Jitsi Meet is not so well known but is an app that protects your personal data. I might take you a while to get comfortable with the interface, but the app has a lot of features available that can make your life easier. Jitsi Meet is an organized app that I’m sure you will love. You can also use Jitsi Meet to stream live on YouTube or record the whole meeting. The app comes with a lot of features waiting to be explored.

WhatsApp And Other Chat Apps

There are other instant messaging apps that you can try out for video socializing, such as Google Duo. This app can accommodate 12 people at once. To be able to use this app, you need your phone number, and you are done. Another familiar app that people opt for is Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp. I won’t insist too much here, as all of you are already using these apps. Which of the chat apps above is your favorite? If you haven’t tried any of them yet, we encourage you to do it soon.


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