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Best Handy Gmail Tricks to Enhance Your Experience

In this day and age, social networks are the primary means of communication over the internet. However, emails remain a staple choice for many professionals and internet user alike, thanks to a robust set of features, including the fact that they are less distracting.

Choosing a reliable email service provider can be quite hard, especially if we take into account the fact that there are lots of competitors on the market. In recent years one of them has started to become a major player, attracting a large number of fans who prefer it in comparison to the competition.

Gmail, which is offered by Google, comes with a large number of tools which can be quite useful. Tech-savvy users can opt to use third-party apps to enhance the experience by adding support for automation. These tools are powerful, but they are also a bit hard to configure and monitor if you are an entry-level user who wishes to be able to perform certain tasks faster.

This guide will teach how to harness the power of a great tool without the need to visit several sites to understand what you are doing. Follow the steps written below and enjoy the benefits!

A smart shortcut for forwarding

We have all been there. You want to send an email to a large number of people, but you don’t have the patience to add all the addresses manually. You can save valuable time with the help of a neat trick.

Start by going to email and creating a new label with the name forward. It can be done easily by opening a message, clicking on the label icon which can be found un the upper area of the screen and typing Forward followed by hitting Enter.

Open Zapier and look for Send emails from Gmail when you label new messages interaction which can be found in the Gmail/Gmail Integrations directory. Click on the Try It button and login with the same Gmail account which was used in the previous step. Follow the steps showed by Zapier and set the Forward label as a trigger and Send Email as the action. Fill the ‘’To’’ field with the relevant contacts. There are lots of customization options, and Zapier will offer additional information for each section.

After this task is finished adding the Forward label to any message in Gmail will result in the message being sent to the contacts on the forward list.

Optimize attachment storage

In some cases, attachments need to be stored for a variety of reasons. This process can be automated by using a Zapier shortcut for Dropbox or Google Drive. As in the previous case you will have to start by creating a new label for email which contains relevant attachments. Then you can go to Zapier and select the relevant triggers. In this case they are New Attachment and Upload File. They can be found easily in the Dropbox and Google Drive integration sections.

Track important Twitter activity

Users who have to survey Twitter for specific keywords or name mentions will enjoy this feature. There is an additional option which offers a summary of all the mentions on a selectable basis (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Start by going to Zapier and search Twitter integrations. Select Search Mention as a trigger and Send email as an action. Enter the relevant keywords or handles. When this task is finished look for Digest by Zapier and select Append Entry and Schedule Digest and New email as trigger and action. While this shortcut can be quite handy it is important to note that it requires one of the paid subscriptions to work correctly since it features four steps instead of two.


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