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Best Google Play Store Alternatives Available to Download and Install

The Google Play Store is one of the most popular apps among Android users since it offers access to a large variety of content, ranging from apps and games to other media content among which we can count movies, songs, and eBooks.

While the Play Store is an excellent source of apps and games, you may not find everything you want due to a variety of reasons. Google has a strict code when it comes to acceptable content, and some apps can breach these rules, which means that they won’t be offered on the Play Store even if they are popular.

Below you can find a list of excellent alternatives to the Play Store. They are safe, secure and offer a wealth of content without the need to pay for it.


APKMirror is the biggest APK repository on the web, offering access to a large selection of APK files. All the files which, on the website are verified to prevent any potential issues. It also allows users to download older versions of an app and even modified APKs.


Aptoide has sparked some controversies in the past as the developers accused Google of unfair practices, like the fact that the Play Protect feature blocked the third-party app and hid it on some devices.

The app is quite popular, with more than 120 million active users and a large selection of apps and games. Users have the option to upload homebrew apps and customize storefronts.

Amazon App Store

The Amazon Appstore offers a rich selection of apps and games. With the help of Amazon coins, users can spend less on in-game microtransactions. Many games also offer better in-game prices in the case of the Amazon Appstore version but allow players to interact with those who use the regular version of the app. It can be download for free from the official Amazon website.


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