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Best Games to Play on PS4 in 2020

It is rather obvious that the famed Play Station 4 (PS4) has been roaring success for Sony. The company’s decision to invest in quality first-party studios has paid off in the form of some of the best exclusive titles the console industry has seen.

The PS4 games collection is filled with numerous exclusives that have been both commercially and critically successful. With other games still under development before the PS4 console cycle comes to an end due to the launch of the next-generation device, Sony can definitely take pride in the PlayStation 4 console.

This year has also gotten off to a great start when it comes to titles available for PS4 owners; here are some of the best new releases for Sony’s console in 2020:

The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog‘s eager attempt at a sequel for The Last of Us has ended up being one of the best stories ever released in gaming. The Last of Us Part II​ is enhanced on every technical facet of the game, including graphics, combat, and character animations.

The title is a technical fireball and features an emotional narrative that sells incredibly well; The Last of Us Part II​ has even gained a lot of critical praise for being a generation-defining game for Sony’s console.

The title’s narrative is divisive by default, showcasing the fact that the gaming studio that created it keeps pushing the boundaries of storytelling in its video games.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima​ is among the latest and highly-anticipated games to launch for the PlayStation 4. Early reviews suggest that it is an amazing and outstanding title in every aspect.

The game is both beautiful and violent and offers some of the most advanced graphics ever seen on PS4. In the story, the island of Tsushima holds numerous secrets and recommends the player to investigate the place. Overall, Ghost of Tsushima​ is one of the most rewarding open-world games.​

Final Fantasy VII Remake

When Square Enix revealed that a remake of the iconic Final Fantasy VII​ is under development, fans were ecstatic. The remake did not disappoint, and it is now one of the best games to play on PS4.

Final Fantasy VII Remake​ is not only a remaster of the original title, but it completely revamped the graphics and the gameplay of the main title. Besides new game mechanics, Final Fantasy VII Remake​ also comes with some new story elements that make it more interesting and exciting to play.

Doom Eternal

There aren’t many games that can make fans feel as powerful as they feel when playing Doom Eternal​. The title is indeed challenging, but it gears you with sufficient weaponry and armor to make it possible to tackle any situation you get to face with.

Simply put, Doom Eternal​ doesn’t let up; you get hit with the action hard and fast. It is one of the most outstanding shooters in the history of the genre, and it is great to play on a PS4 DualShock 4 controller.

Nioh 2

Nioh 2​ is the following installment to the stunning original launched back in 2017. The title is a prequel to the events of Nioh and successfully produces on the basis laid by the original game.

Nioh 2​ has the same fast-paced action players loved in the first title, but it deserves more attention as it is a great follow-up and one of the best games on PlayStation 4 at the moment.


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