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Best Color Splash Apps For Android

We live in the age of smartphones and social media. Many smartphone users love to take a photo with the devices and upload them on social media, so friends and family can see them. To set their images apart from the myriad of photos that can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, some users like to edit and customize their photos with the help of photo editing apps.

One of the best ways to add personality to an image is to use the color splash effect. With the help of this effect, a standard image can be converted to a black and white one, with select parts maintaining the original color to offer a surprising contrast.

Color splash works excellent with images that contain a high amount of bright colors since the black and white can add a dramatic feeling. Read below to learn more about the best color splash photo editing app for Android devices.

Best Color Splash Apps For Android


Paletta is an excellent photo editing app that packs powerful manual and automatic settings. When a picture is uploaded, the app will drain all the colors automatically. They will be displayed in the form of a palette under the image, and users have the option to select one or several colors that can be restored to create the color splash effect. The opportunity to manually apply or remove colors is available, and the task can be completed with the help of the handy brush and eraser tools.

Color Splash Effect

The name may not be too inspiring, but the app comes with an excellent photo editing suite. Users can add color with the help of smart and free color tools. The intelligent tool will keep the color within reasonable boundaries while the free tool offers the option to add colors everywhere.

Partial Color Master

With this app, users can extract colors from a specific area, add new colors to the picture and adjust the intensity of the color with a few taps.

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