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Best Cleaning Apps To Boost Android Performance

There is a straightforward way to boost Android performance on your smartphone. The most useful option is to remove the files that you no longer use. The easiest way you can do this is by making use of cleaning apps, available to download from the Google Play Store for free.

Best Cleaning Apps To Boost Android Performance

CCleaner App

This one is the first and most used application to clean your device available for free for all the users. By using this app, you can clean the junk files, delete the cache, browser history, as well as erasing the residual files. In addition to this, users can improve the storage of the device while checking, which are the apps consuming the most data. Additionally, it has a unique feature that stops the apps from running in the background, while the hibernation feature is enabled.

AVG Cleaner

One of the most-used cleaning apps to boost Android performance is the AVG Cleaner. Its most known ability is the possibility to increase the RAM, being an excellent asset for performance optimization. The app can clean the junk files, as well as empties the storage space and clears the caches. In addition to this, the application stops undesired running applications when the device is hibernating. All of this increases the performance of the phone and the life of the battery.

Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner is the third most downloaded among the best cleaning apps on the Google Play Store. More than 10 million people have assessed the app’s capabilities. The application has many good reviews from its users. The most reliable facility it offers is a free antivirus for your device that protects your history from privacy violations. While increasing the speed when cleaning the RAM, it can cool down the device. The application has its conscience and detects which are the unwanted notifications that need to be blocked. In addition to this, you can set passwords for your applications with the App Locker function. It will boost Android performance, undoubtedly.

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