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Best Chrome Extension To Find Fonts Online

Google Chrome is a perfect browser for your PC that comprises extensions. If you’re working as a developer, web designer, or photographer, then you’re going to appreciate the following extensions. Font extensions will find you hundreds of fonts from any image. All Chrome extensions are available on the web-store, and they’re safe to use. They support your work by enhancing your productivity. Take a look at the next list and choose your favorite!


Whatfont Chrome Extension

Whatfont is one of the most popular Chrome extensions so far. The best thing at the extension is that it can spot the fonts extremely fast. You only need to tap on the Whatfont icon and click on the word. You will be able to see the font title, size, color, and weight, in no time.

Fonts Ninja

Fonts Ninja is a great Chrome extension for all the website and software designers beginners. This extension will find the fonts on webpages precisely. You can also buy found fonts directly.

Font Finder

Font Finder is one of the most excellent font searcher Chrome extensions so far. Web designers and developers mainly utilize this extension. Beginners, too, can take a look by exploring the extension’s skill of finding fonts. Font Finder shows a pop-up box with all the details of the fonts. It can also modify the font pattern on a live webpage.

Font Scanner Chrome Extension

Font Scanner is way more different in terms of features. It doesn’t readily identify fonts in the browser, but performs some scans and generates the font list. It supports the developers and designers to spot the family-font titles. Font Scanner has to utilized along with another Chrome extension, such as Whatfont, to provide more information.

Font Picker

Font Picker is the most comfortable Chrome extension to use to find fonts. It can detect the font details from any website and software. The extension also has a clean and friendly user interface that spots and shows all the font information.

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