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Best Candy Crush Saga Tips and Tricks Available to Enhance Your Experience

The following Candy Crush tips and tricks will help you level up more easily. From how to get free lives, unique candies, reset your board and more. Here are the best tips and tricks:

  1. Candy Crush Saga free lives. You don’t have to worry anymore about this issue because if you use an Ios device, you must access your Settings, then General, search for Date & Time. From there, you must change to Set Automatically to off then, change the time forward 2 hours. This trick will get you a refill of 4/5 lives. For an Android device, the settings you must change are the same!
  2. Try a board reset very easily. First, you must be careful and don’t make any moves. Exit the level and then return to the level map. The next step is very simple, and you will have to reopen the level. You will get a new board without losing a single life! Remember that this will work only on mobile devices.
  3. Search for unique candies. Start making candies combinations! Candy Crush comes with three different kinds of unique candies, striped, wrapped candies, and color bomb. For a striped candy you must match four candy of one color. Wrapped candy is very useful too, and you can get it by matching five candies in an L or T. A color bomb or sprinkle is made by five candy matches of one color.
  4. Look for the Candy Crush unique candy combinations. Try a stripped and stripped special combo by activating two striped special candies. One of them will remove a vertical column while the other a horizontal column. A striped with a wrapped special candy combo will remove three rows and three columns. Wrapped plus another wrapped combo will clear all candies from two boxes around the two of wrapped candies. And finally, a striped and color bomb combo will clear the whole board. Wrapped candy and a color bomb will make the jellies that are the same color will be cleared.

Other tips include a removal of all the blockers first, try to follow your instincts and don’t always use the suggested moves. Also, you can try to take a look at the whole board and make a plan for your first moves before randomly start matching.


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