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Best Apps For Unzipping Compressed Files on iPhone

By the way, smartphones are not, they will soon replace computers. But besides all that Android and iOS bring into the game, some things still need some action. One of these things is the fact that iPhones cannot open zip files.

We know that the latest version of the iOS had a feature like this, that could simply zip and unzip files. But it’s quite complicated, and some people want to rely on third-party apps. You need to make sure that you’re following the steps: find the zip file on your phone, tap on it, then tap on the share button. From there, select “Open in,” then choose the app that you have installed. That’s all you need to do.

Best Apps For Unzipping Compressed Files on iPhone


This one has two versions available for you, Premium and free. It’s the best one you can get, as it automatically extracts the zip files and shows the content. The problem with the free version is that it’s full of ads, but it’s still worth your time.


With this one, you can create and extract zip files, and its user interface is clean and organized. You can also share your data with other users, too.


This one also has the capacity to unzip files with passwords, or AES encrypted ZIP files. iZip can also unzip lots of file compression formats, such as TBZ, TGZ, RAR, ISO, TAR, GZIP, ZIPX.

Zip and RAR file extractor

This one is the highest rated iOS app for this kind of service. The user interface is well-organized. The app is also able to import ZIP files, which are stored on cloud storage apps, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, or OneDrive. This one also has a media player, a PDF reader, a photo viewer, and a document viewer.


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