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Best Android Keyboard Apps To Use In 2020

Your choice of keyboard is essential in terms of speed and security. Their design and sensitivity to touch can have a significant impact on how fast one can make use of his device. Additionally, Android keyboard apps have the feature to memorize everything that the user types, beginning with commonly used phrases and finishing with passwords and security code. Therefore, one thing is crucial: finding a secure keyboard that does not share our data.

Best Android Keyboard To Use In 2020


The most trusted keyboard at this moment is Gboard, being one of the most used Android keyboards. The unique prediction algorithm, as well as the fast access to a wide variety of gifs and stickers and an automatic dictionary, have earned the hearts of the users. Another exciting feature that it offers is the possibility to create your gifs. This option is not available for any Android device, unlike iOS users that have started experiencing this a long time ago.


Swiftkey used to be the most appreciated app of this range. In the meantime, it was dethroned by Gboard, but it is still an impressive keyboard as far as the productivity is concerned. Additionally, its predictions are fair, even though sometimes, if the word is wrong, it can be challenging to change it for the good one.


Chrooma has the most exciting design you will ever see. For them, picking one design that you like and seeing it every time is too dull. Therefore, Chrooma is adapting its colors depending on which application is displayed at that moment. In addition to this, there is a night mode that turns down the intensity of the colors during the night. It even has a premium option for the users that wish to experiment more with fonts, sizes, and styles.

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard is one of the best Android keyboard apps out there, and it even corrects all the grammar mistakes in English. The most intriguing part is that it even provides small feedback stating why some structures may be wrong in terms of grammar or spelling.


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