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Best 5 Alternatives to iOS’ FaceTime for Android Users

FaceTime from Apple is one of the built-in apps on the iPhone, and it helps you in making video chats with high-quality audio. You can invite up to 32 people on a single group call. But the disadvantage is that the app is only meant for iPhone users. You would not ever find it on the Google Play Store. However, there are many FaceTime alternatives out there. We are here to give you a list of the best options for FaceTime.


Just like WhatsApp, Viber uses your mobile phone number, and you do not need any other login information. You can sync with your phone’s contacts in order to find all of the friends that are also using Viber. You can contact them through messages, videos, or voice messages. It also comes with a Desktop app, which allows you to send and receive messages directly on your PC or Mac. There is also a Viber Out feature that will enable you to make low-cost calls locally. In comparison with other apps of this kind, Viber does bot support group video calls.


Snapchat has evolved a lot since the first time it hit the market. Back then, it was just a photo messaging app, but in time it has developed, with some social features, such as Bitmojis, augmented reality stickers, and stories. You can share all of them with your friends. The list of features is still growing – there are not video chats with up to 16 friends at once, with Lenses and Filters.

Facebook Messenger

This is the most popular messaging app out there; you probably already use it anyway. Because you have Facebook, you might as well try this free app. You can make one-on-one video calls, and you can send your friends media, pictures, videos, or voice messages. We are talking about a cross-platform, so you don’t have to worry about leaving someone out of your conversation.


We think this one is the best one from this list, which many users already got it. You use Wi-Fi, or your data connection, which means you won’t pay a penny for the video calls or voice calls. Also, there are no usernames or passwords; the app uses your phone number, which is why it is straightforward to use. There’s also a desktop app, which allows you to get your messages right on your PC.


This video calling app was once the best one here. Even after it joined Microsoft, it is still a valuable choice for video calling. With Skype, you can make one-on-one or group voice calls, and it is entirely free. You can also call people on their mobile phones or landline numbers, but you will have to pay for that. The app also has a built-in instant messaging, and you can connect your SMS to Skype, and read and replay your messages right on your PC.


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