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Best 4 Cloud Services You Need to Try in 2020

We must confess that we are relying on our clouds more than we should. Cloud services are important to us because we can store all the data we need, but in a world full of cloud services, how to know which one you should choose? We have prepared a list of the best cloud services out there.

Best 4 Cloud Services You Need to Try in 2020


this one gives you complete freedom, even with large media files. It is available for mobile platforms and desktops. You will have to pay for encryption, and you can also enjoy the pCloud Crypto feature. The design is clean, and it is a user-friendly app. For using individual files, you will need to pay a $4.99 premium per month.


This one is good for business and for personal use. It comes with fantastic web management, and the fact that it can combine local external storage with cloud operations is a fantastic plus. This one is also cheaper, but it has no live backup or 2FA. It costs $19.95 per year for 1TB AWS cold storage. You can pay $49.95 for 5T.


This one will offer you anything you need, even iOS and Android apps. The storage is free, but you can also pay for additional storage. OneDrive goes hand in hand with Microsoft Office 365 suite. You can too sync your images with the Photo app. It comes with SSL Encryption. The first 5GB are free.


If you want a reliable online backup system, then this is your choice. You can sync all of your files easily. It comes with backup services, which means that if you have lost your local data, then you can get them back in the hard drive. If you accidentally delete a file, you can recover it quickly. It comes with a facial recognition system, which helps you in organizing photos.


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