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Best 3 YouTube Alternatives For Android That You Can Still Enjoy In 2020

There are other platforms similar to YouTube that you can use as an alternative. We have gathered the top three best YouTube alternatives for Android users.

Video sharing or watching has become very popular nowadays. We like to keep memories of our loved ones or of the great moments of lives, and the best way to do just that is by taking videos. In order to share our video memories with friends or with other people around the internet, we need a video platform.

YouTube remains the most popular video platform

The number one video sharing platform is none other than YouTube; however, over the years, other platforms have made their way close to the top. One of the reasons why YouTube came on top a few years ago is because of its free video-sharing platform. Everyone can access YouTube. You can post videos; you can watch other people’s videos, share, subscribe, like, or dislike. The point is that YouTube has become a large video sharing platform, and it has a lot of features.

The other cool thing about it is that people can actually make money on YouTube, and being a YouTuber is becoming more and more popular. The platform is part of Google, and although it wasn’t always easy to remain on top, YouTube is evolving more and more by expanding its boundaries. YouTube is now at the top, but it may not be there forever, and that is why we have come up with three other video sharing platforms that could replace it.

Best 3 YouTube Alternatives For Android


Vimeo’s motto could be ‘quality before the quantity.’ This video sharing platform is more restricted when it comes to its content than YouTube. For example, you won’t probably see videos of pets. Vimeo platform is more dedicated to creative work like short films, for example, or experimental music videos, etc. It has a great genre of video content, and you can sign up for free on their website. Once you signed up, you are allowed to upload up to 500 Megabytes every week. You can also opt for the two Gigabytes by purchasing the premium subscription.



Dailymotion is one of the best YouTube alternatives, too. From the user interface to the video recommendations, including video player and the comments section. Although YouTube is on the top, it doesn’t mean it is the leading platform in every region. That’s why Dailymotion is more popular in places like Europe and Asia. You can only upload 150 Megabyte as a standard user, which is not that great, but the platform has other great things, such as the entertainment channels.


The Metacafe video platform is unique. The videos on this platform are shorter than what you find on the other platforms, which makes it easier to watch. You won’t find any movie re-upload on Metacafe as all the videos are to the point and last for 90 seconds. This platform’s interface is very well categorized, and the content you find here is very entertaining. It’s one of the best YouTube alternatives for sharing vids on social media networks.

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