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Beating Giovanni in Pokémon Go Brings You the Shadow Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon Go is bringing us the leader of Team Go Rocket – Giovanni. If you are curious about the new quest, you must know that you can battle the Team Go Rocket through the Looming in the Shadows special pursuit. Looming in the Shadows is a Special Research quest such as A Troubling Situation. The Special Research quest is available only once per month, and you can’t miss this one.

Looming in the Shadows Brings You the Shadow Legendary Pokémon

Take note that you can’t play Looming in the Shadows if previously you haven’t done another Special Research. If you are checking this issue, then let’s move on to the easy guide for the Looming in the Shadow.

First of all, you will have six quests to complete. The first quest will offer you to spin ten Pokestops, and you will win 500 XP. If you defeat the Team GO Rocket Grunts, you will gate 500 XP. And the last on the list on step one is to catch one Shadow Pokémon for 500 XP reward. For finishing the first step, your premium will be 500 Stardust, ten Razz Berries, and ten PokeBalls.

Second of all, in the next step, you will have to spin a PokeStop for five days only and get 750 XP. After that, you must purify 15 Shadow Pokemon for 750 XP. And the last step is to win five raids for 750 XP. Round two is rewarding you with 1.0000 Stardust, three Revives, and three Hyper Potions.

Moving on with the quest, you will have to find three players to fight with them to win 1.000 XP. If you defeat six Team Go Rocket Grunts on your way, you will receive another 1.000 XP. And lastly, in the Gym Battles, you must win six Charger Moves to win 1.000 XP. Your reward will be five Pinap Berries, 1.500 Stardust, and fifteen Great Balls.

We are getting closer to the goal, so in the fourth quest, you will have to fight and defeat for 1.250 XP, the Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. If you succeed, you will win 2.000 Stardust, three Golden Razz Berries, and Super Rocket Radar. On quest number five, for 2.500 Stardust, you must find the Team GO Rocket Boss; after that, if you fight with the team, you receive 1.500 XP, and if you defeat it, you will have three Silver Pinap Berries. The final reward is 3.000 Stardust, one Charged TM, and one Fast TM.

Finally, in the last quest, you don’t have anything to do, because everything is complete. Just get your rewards – the tracker for your big hunt – Giovanni, and the Shadow Legendary Pokémon – Articuno.

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