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Baja California, the New Spooky Face of Google Maps

Even though Google Maps is a tool build, especially for navigating all around the globe, it has been recently used for discovering the strangest sights that exist. This might also be the case of the most unusual sight out there, which was spotted in Mexico.

The most popular feature of this app is the possibility to plan one’s route while making use of satellite images and panoramic views of streets and maps. What is even more interesting is that more and more bizarre discoveries on Google Maps have begun rising on the internet.

Some of the most unforeseen scenes have even the potential of going down in history. The last haunting image is originally from a cliffside in Baja California, in Mexico. On a first look, the satellite view pictures the cliff face of the coastline in Mexico. At first, it might get along as a typical picture of the brown cliffs, governed by the blue waters of the ocean, with green grass growing in the area.

However, after taking some time to analyze the panoramic view, the surroundings start taking a more sinister look. On one side of the cliff, a stone with three massive holes can be spotted, clearly depicting a screaming face. The scenery is so spooky that one might say it is a monster’s face stuck in the stones of the cliff.

The image had debuted on Reddit when a user posted the picture following the caption “This spooked Cliffside in Baja California.” Immediately after the post was launched, many users have started taking sides in the unconventional scandal, and the post has managed to arrive at other social media platforms as well.

Is there any explanation for this bizarre sight? Well, the answer might be, is there any explanation for any of the odd images that have now been spotted on Google maps?

Catherine Whitaker

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