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“Away” – The Future Of Lu And Mei!

Lu and Mei’s colorful relationship holds understanding and mutual respect at its foundation, thanks to their appurtenance to a society that both know won’t accept their ways.

A Successful Release

One of the most popular yet sneaky love stories of the current-day pop culture is likely the one between Wang Lu (Vivian Wu) and Mei Chen (Nadia Hatta) from Netflix’s recently-premiered space-drama “Away.”

The series has Hillary Swank in its leading role. She plays shuttle-commander Emma Green, and the plot follows five various groups of experts who join them on a cruise to Mars in an attempt to be the first human crew to step on the red planet.

With each episode, there’s a prominent theme of struggle hidden beneath everything imaginable – from generational trauma to slavery and others.

In Lu’s case, the emotional struggle comes from her loveless marriage and falling for her coworker Mei.

Lu and Mei never manifest their attraction for each other but still have to experience severe homophobia and whatever they provoke.

Though the 10-part series ends on a triumphant note for all the on-board crew, the possibility of a reunion between the two women is still a mystery.

The series starts with an intriguing scene – Lu can be observed carrying a memento ring with the words “Women hold up half the sky” engraved in Mandarin on it.

When her colleague asks if it’s from her husband, she replies that it is from a friend.

The conflict evolves when she video calls her husband, and she must reciprocate that she is proud to be his wife.

Soon, the reason why is revealed unwillingly – a bond starts growing between Lu and Mei, and the Chinese authority chooses to replace the latter to prevent news from spreading.


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