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Audi RS Q8 Has Reportedly Broken The Nurburgring SUV Lap Record

As per Misha Charoudin, a YouTuber from the world-famous Nürburgring, the new RS Q8 Audi SUV has beaten the SUV lap time record, which still remains to be unconfirmed by the German automobile company.

When Charoudin filmed the video at Nürburgring on 21 August, he saw many cars from several different car makers including Mercedes, Porsche and Audi. Nürburgring permits the car makers to book the race track on just Wednesdays to test and help develop the cars and set the lap times.

In the video, Charoudin utilizes a smart technique in order to track the lap times in one of these Wednesday testing sessions. According to Charoudin, this technique allowed him to foretell lap times within a second of officially published lap times. He visually sees the test vehicles begin their lap and later listens for the cars finishing off their lap.

Using this technique, Charoudin claims that the Audi R8 SUV had a 7 mins 47 secs lap time, which was 2 secs faster than compared to the Mercedes GLC63 AMG S. Audi hasn’t confirmed such an impressive lap; however, it does show the massive performance potentiality of the upcoming RS Q8.

Notably, the Audi RS Q8 is a part of the company’s initiative of introducing high-performing RS level vehicles to its lineup.


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