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Artificial Intelligence Could Soon Steal Content Writing Jobs

If you’re working as a content writer, you might have some concerns. Will Artificial Intelligence just steal your job? Well, truth be told, AI is threatening a lot of jobs nowadays. Even in medicine, AI has started to replace people. So you’re probably asking yourself, will this also happen to me?

We are going to give you some real examples when it comes to the power of AI: “We are using Grammarly every day. In case you didn’t know, Grammarly is an AI tool, and it is doing its job correctly.”

Robots Started Writing

AI robot writers have started working on data-driven journalism, such as quarterly earnings or game results. “Quill AI” can also collect data about a lot of games, which means that it is also producing thousands of articles in no time – which means that they are replacing professional sportswriters,” wrote Heliograf bot, that is yet another AI machine that created 850 articles back in 2017.

“Wordsmith” is used with The Associated Press, and it has 12 times greater capacity than humans. It’s a type of Natural Language Processing, which is a device that uses machine learning to transform data into stories worth publishing.

Artificial Intelligence in Content Writing

A study by Karlstad University in Sweden has shown that people were not able to find out of a news report was written by real journalists or by the generated by Robo-writers. You should also know that an AI robot has written a novel in Japan, and it has also passed the first round for the “Hoshi Shinichi Literary Award in 2016”. Now we’re feeling threatened.

Those were all pros; what about cons? Every day we find new ways to use technology, and we have already moved towards automation in everything we do. But just imagine a robot walk. Then imagine a robot write. Then think about how easily we write with a pen. It won’t be an easy job for a robot. Also, all of those articles written by robots all follow the same patterns, so they are much alike.


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