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AppLock: Value Your Privacy – Best Improvements and Changes

Probably nobody likes to get their data checked by unwanted people, whether it’s your mother, father, brothers, sisters or maybe even a rude and sneaky friend or co-worker. It shouldn’t be anyone’s concern what you use an app for as long as you’re not some terrorist, not even if it’s about your life partner. A healthy relationship requires faith in each other, therefore you just have to offer some faith to your girlfriend or boyfriend and not asking him or her to show to you everything they do while using an app.

Although it’s common for smartphones to have built-in features which can protect your activity within the apps, such as adding passwords, memory cleaner, speed booster and others, you may still need a proper Applock. Old versions of Android are not so secure, and not everybody can afford a high-end phone. Therefore an independent app which can protect your activity among other apps can be useful if not even mandatory.

What can an AppLock actually do

If you still think an AppLock wouldn’t help you too much, just consider that most apps from this category do things like:

– having an incognito browser with no history record

– signing up multiple accounts at the same time

– taking photos of invaders who try to access your data

– hiding certain files and messages

– locking your apps with password, patterns, fingerprint lock or face lock

Which AppLock should you choose

There are many app locks to choose from, but you might consider a few names: Privacy Knight, Norton, Perfect, CM, and Keepsafe. Feel free to test them and find out which one suits your interests the most. Norton is a small and useful app which requires only 6MB of storage, CM prevents other people from uninstalling your apps, and you might see for yourself what other interesting things each app is capable of. They all have their particularities, and they’re all free of charge.

Feel free also to tell us in the comments below what do you think about the above-mentioned apps, and if you have any other favorites in this area.


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